Monday, November 5, 2012

It's 2:00 am.... This is why I am up!

My daughter, Amanda, starts a new job tomorrow.  She will be working for the Forest Preserve..  Deer Management.  Yup, just what it sounds like.  Population control.  She starts graveyard shifts, 6:30 pm - 6:30 am and is changing her body clock.  I am keeping her company for a bit longer and then I am heading to bed.

Her job is seasonal, so in a couple of months, she begins the task of finding a new job.  Hopefully a permanent job in an aquarium not too awful far from home.  Even a zoo would be nice, but her love is fish....   ugly fish are her favorite.  The flounder.  :-)

But back to her seasonal job...   and this is not for the faint of heart, so be warned.  Deer Management is, basically, population control of deer.  There is a certain number of deer that need to be "managed" so that they don't take over.  There are not too many natural predators of deer, so short of introducing bears, cougars and coyotes into your environment to control the deer population..  it is done by people.  The coolest part comes after the deer is "managed."  The deer is dissected and many of the organs are removed and tested.  Tested for genetic problems and diseases that we don't want in our environment.  A couple of teeth are removed to check the age of the deer.  Basically, slice open the teeth and count the rings type of thing.  The heart goes to a wildlife preservation for the birds to treat on and then the food pantry comes in, takes the deer and feeds tons of people.  How cool is that?!?!

My delicate flower is hoping to dissect and research!  Somedays it is tough to listen to her stories! :-)

I have been keeping busy filling orders and doing shows.  I had a show Saturday and have one more this next weekend at my house.  Feel free to drop by if you are in the area.  I am debating about doing a show on the 18th and my last show of the season is on the 8th of December.  Seems like it never ends and that is good!  I love the opportunities to show my kards and to make new kards!  I have 2 full pages of orders that I will be working on this week, along with getting my house set up for the show.  It will keep me busy and centered.  I am going to miss my girlie.  She will work during the nights when we sleep and then sleep when I want to chat about her day!  Not going to lie...  this is going to be tough!

Enjoy your day...  hug your kiddos!!
~Happy Krafting ~

Thursday, October 18, 2012

And yet again.....

I am not meeting my blogging requirements!  Of course these requirements are all in my head and, theoretically, I should just blog when I have time.  But that never seems to happen because I never seem to have time....    so I feel bad!

Not a lot bad...  but a tinge of badness swirls about.

I have entered into a new venture the last month or so and it has been keeping me quite busy.  I have, for the last few years, been available to sit for the critters of my friends.  Whether it is just stopping by a few times a day, or actually moving into their home while they are away.  I love it!  I am an animal lover and if I could, would have a house full of dogs and probably cats too!  So I have decided to take this to a bit bigger scale and pass my name around to all of my friends with critters and let them know that The Critter Sitter is open for business.  I have been gone quite a bit in the last 2 months.  I pack up my stuff and off I go!  It has really been fun!   Most of my jobs are close enough to home that I can be there for dinner each night and I can fulfill my duties at the Dance Centre too!  My kards come with me and I am able to set up shop from anywhere!!

This weekend, I am Krafting it up at a craft show in Hoffman Estates.  I am looking forward to spending the day meeting and greeting and hanging out with my daughter, who is going with me.  She has been sick this past week and is looking forward to getting out of the house.

I have a few end of the year Krafties lined up, including one at my house.  That one is my baby because the main focus for this one is Pampered Chef and my friend Kathy Gilmore donating 25% of sales to TLC Camp!  TLC Camp is my heart!  So go to my Pampered Chef website at the bottom of this paragraph and purchase something...  knowing in your heart that you are helping to send a child with cancer to day camp for a week!  It is our (Amanda and I) favorite week of the year!!
(Let me know if this doesn't work for you and I will get it resolved!)!

Much krafting has been going on here.  I have discovered the absolute fun of book corners!  Right now I have made two kinds, Nom, Noms and Sirs.

These are examples of Nom, Noms.....

And these are Sirs.  Sirs are actually my daughter's idea...  then I get to "make it happen"

Sirs and Nom, Noms can come in any color or pattern imaginable!  They are crazy fun!  Watch for this fun little book corners to show up as Dance, complete with tutu, and as a Bride and Groom.  Ideas are also endless!

Keep your eyes pealed to the KBK page at facebook for the latest book corners!!

Well, enjoy your day...  I am back to filling orders!  

Have a krafty day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The title isn't everything.

I am struggling to come up with a title for this post today, but realized that what is inside is more important than the title.

I, of course, have been neglectful to blogging.  However, I have been thinking about blogging.  Busy just got the better of me.

I am over flowing with orders and loving it!  But it does mean that a lot of stuff takes a back seat to kard making.  My house, for example, could use a major cleaning!  I have managed to get the laundry done fairly regularly!  Go me!!  Dance started again last week, so I am back at work outside of the house.  Tomorrow is my last farmer's market of the season...   endings and beginnings...  circle of life.

I was lucky to get to the Scrapbook Expo a couple of weeks ago.  My bestie and I usually go, but she was on a cruise to Alaska so my Amanda said she would go!  What a trooper!!  Together we found these AWESOME stamps from RubberNecker Stamps.  Oy!!  I call them Pretty Ladies and they are to die for!!   Here are the Pretty Ladies all colored and put on kards!

I have done complete sets in red, orange, blue, green (gone already...  didn't even get them on kards), aqua and purple.  I can't wait to make more in other colors!  I used colored pencils on them, since my Copic markers are a bit too much for these delicate ladies.

Tonight I am working on 42 birthday invites.  I just finished invites for a third birthday and a 25th anniversary.  I have outstanding orders for Christmas kards, Sympathy kards, Wedding kards and Birthday kards!  They start next week!!  My only complaint is that I don't have time to finish my daughter's Graduation Announcements!!  

Happy Krafting!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bloggin', bloggin', bloggin'!

I have been a very bad blogger!   It was what I was afraid of.  My life just gets in the way!

I have moved into my bestie's house to take care of her dog, Presley!  I have been there since the 23rd and will be there until the first.  I can honestly tell you that I am getting a ton of kards finished!  I have finished 28 so far.  Here are a couple...

There are many more that can be found on my face book page.

Anyway.....   Life Interuptus!!

I have been doing the Aurora West Farmer's Market each Wednesday and have been having a blast with Pampered Chef Queen, Kathy Gilmore!  I sell much less than she does, but laugh just as hard, so it is so much fun!  I paid for my table after 2 weeks of being there, so no matter what, I have made money.  I have also taken a ton of orders, so that keeps me busy as well!
I also do the Bolingbrook Farmer's Market once a month.  That one seems to have a larger crowd, but in all honesty, it has many more vendors and sellers in a much bigger space.  I enjoy that one also, but my friends are not near me, so I don't laugh as much.  I do get more krafting done at that one though.
I have 3 more in Aurora and 2 more in Bolingbrook.  Well, I fibbed.  I won't be at the 9/5 day in Aurora.  :-)

I have also done a craft show in Bolingbrook for their Jubilee.  I sold one stinkin' kard!  But I spent the day with my daughter, Mom and a friend of mine who was selling also.  This kard is similar to the kard I sold.  Love this little guy.  The inside left of the kard says...   "Sorry to hear you're DRAGON."

I have also signed up for a few different shows.  I will be at the John Deere weekend in Wisconsin for their show.  That is the weekend of September 14th.  I will be in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the Moose Lodge craft show on October 8th.  And I will be at my Church's craft show in December.  Keeping busy!  I have a few outstanding orders right now, but I have finished about 5 orders and have them all delivered.  Couple more will be delivered this week and next week!

I have a handful of kards on to try and sell.  If you have not heard of Storenvy, give it a look.  It is similar to Etsy, but much more friendly to us crafters because it is free!!  Yay for free!!  I have taken all of my kards off of Etsy, because I don't sell enough to cover the fees.  And yes, I have yet to sell anything on Storenvy, but it is free, so it is okay!  :-)   I have many new friends that are on Storenvy!  They should all comment on here and leave their pages so that my friends can go look at their awesome stuff!

I am the proud owner of a Mon-Stor - thank you so much Cody!  His name is Snippy and he hangs on my handy, dandy kraft room door, holding all of my ribbons!  Snippy rocks!

Well, there you have it!  I came home for Sunday dinner, wrote out bills and blogged!  It might not be much, but it is my life and I do so enjoy it!

Here is a cutie kard to, hopefully, make you smile.  I love this little guy!

Happy Krafting!  Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I AM an Olympic junkie

If you ever know one thing about me, it should be that.  I AM an Olympic Junkie.  I love them!  I watch everything I can.  All hours of the day and night.  I cry when they finally get here.  I cry during them.  I cry when they are over.

My husband surprised us in 1996 with tickets to the Olympics in Atlanta.  It was an awesome time, even though we didn't even spend the night.  We flew in, went to our events, hung out in Olympic Park and flew home.  

Amanda was 6 when we went.  It was amazing to be there.

Next came 2002 and we went to Salt Lake City for Amanda's 12 birthday and the winter Olympics.  Again, Amanda and I knew nothing about this.  That man does love his surprises!  We stayed a bit this time, couple of days.  We went to our events and hung out in Olympic Park.  A blast!!  

Keith and Amanda with an Olympic bobsled and the Olympic Flame.  We have seen many Olympic Flames during our travels, but seeing it lit and in person is beyond compare.

This came about during the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  Had to be done!!  I am thinking Olympic Torch for the top of the other foot, but this one hurt so bad, I am just not sure!  :-)

My krafty life has a life of it's own lately.  I have been doing Farmer's Markets and not doing them well, I might add.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them and I have my table paid for, but the last 2 weeks at the Wednesday Market, I sold $5.00 in kards.  Sheesh.  Tomorrow is the day for my Thursday Market, so fingers crossed!
I would begin to get a complex if I didn't sell so many kards away from the Farmer's Markets.    I have gotten 4 requests for invitations and announcements, three events that I have not done invites for!  I did invitations for a Bridal Shower and for a third birthday Ballet party.  I am doing announcements for a baby girl and invitations for a 25th anniversary party.  Fun stuff!   (here is where I shamelessly plug  a few of my favorite things....   I found the best digital stamps to use on the Shower invites from Bugaboo Stamps and my Cricut has been rocking for the birthday invites and the baby announcements)!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home is where you store your Krafts.

No, I did not fall into the great abyss of not blogging.  I was critter watching.  My Mom went on vacation with my brother and my niece to Texas.  It was probably the first time they were on vacation together since high school, a few years ago.  I stayed at Mom's house to take care of her critters, Pam, Lucy and Otis.  Pam and Luce are felines and Otis is canine.  It was a crowded twin size bed at Mom's house!  Pammy actually slept on my back most of the night.  And Luce??  Well, she was my krafting buddy.......  from hell!

She, ever so kindly, allowed me to have part of my table.  I spent 10 days there and could not imagine being without my kraft supplies.  Paper, adhesives, Copic markers, glitter pens and my Cricut...  these are a few of my favorite things!!

During the times that I was not running home when my upstairs bathroom toilet sprung a leak and soaked the downstairs bathroom and basement,  running home to head to work, running home to toss in a load of laundry because Amanda worked in pigs that day....  I was able to get a bunch of kards done.

These are thank you notes for a school teacher who's classroom is done in Patriotic Red, White and Blue.  I have 9 done and 11 to go.  They will end up being some of my favorites.

A birthday kard, complete with a blue haired little lady!

                                                      I am a big fan of polka spots.

My Chicago Bears Football Kard.  He can be made to represent any football team, college (Go    GREEN!) or professional.

Little bit of a fun kard.  The inside bra matches the outside bra, except it glitters!!

While I did get a ton done and I was beyond glad to be able to help Mom so that she could go enjoy 10 days with my brother, I was happy to come home today.  I missed my husband.  I missed my daughter. I missed my dog.  I missed my handy dandy kraft room.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

And so it begins.....

I keep getting asked, more and more, about my blog.  Truth is, I don't blog. Well, I didn't blog.  I don't have the time, I feel, it takes to have a successful blog.  That being said, I am going to give it a try.  If I don't have the time I want to dedicate to it...  I will blog how sorry I am that I am not blogging on a regular basis.

That all said....  Welcome to my blog.    Krafts by Kondrot.  

Krafts by Kondrot started many many years ago.  I would cross-stitch designs on baby clothes and baby bibs and sell them.  I then pulled out a sewing machine and made story books and crayon and coloring book holders.  I think I sold about a thousand of those.  My eyes were crossed!  Then I started making photo boards.  And eventually, I started making my own Kards.  I still cross-stitch, but my love of paper has taken over the house!

When Amanda went off to Michigan State University (Go GREEN!), I desperately needed something to do.  I was crying every day and the blue funk around here was wearing me down.  I decided to jump feet first into kard making and I have never looked back!  I still cried every time we left her at school, for 4 years, but, at least when I got home, I had something to do.

Amanda's thank you notes from graduation.

The stamp used is by my favorite digital stamp company - Bugaboo Stamps.  You will see them a lot in my kards.  I love them!!

I guess that about sums up how KBK came to be.  I will be adding more and more kards to this blog, but you can find the majority of my work at  Or you can even purchase kards at

All kards are made to order and can be customized to your liking.
Have a Krafty Day!

No Power? No Problem!

Today I am posting some of the newer kards that I have made.  We lost our power at noon on the first of July and were without until noon on the 4th.  Boy did I get a boatload of kards made!

I am always looking for different ideas, be them in nature or my own weird brain.  I take a bit of heat for being online at my computer all of the time and truth is, I am there a ton of time.  I am at my little desk, where I make most of my kards, and it has my computer on it so that I can go to different websites looking at ideas and supplies.  It never stops me from having fun or going out though!

All of the kards I will post today were done with Bugaboo Digital Stamps.  They are my favorite and I love to work with them.  I print them out on white card stock and color them with my Copic markers... another favorite!   Sadly, I am not as talented with my Copics as many other paper crafters are, but I am happy with the results and I love to use them.  I am on the lookout for a class on Copics.  :-)

I tend to be a "simple" kard maker.  I love layers and colors.  Usually I will make a kard base, add a layer of solid card stock and then a layer of patterned paper.  I pull it all together with a layered embellishment of some kind.  Sometimes it is a stamp or digital stamp that I have colored and layered or it can be a die cut that I used my Cricut for!  And don't even get me started on how much I LOVE MY CRICUT!
I am pretty sure that you will learn, and hear, a lot about my favorite items.  I have things that I will not trade for anything and I am loyal to a fault!

These kards shown above are all for an order.  I think she will like them.  I have a bunch more to make for the Bolingbrook and Aurora Farmer's Market.  And to put in my stash!

If  you see something you like, please let me know.  I will be more than happy to make something for you.  
Have a Krafty Day!