Thursday, August 2, 2012

I AM an Olympic junkie

If you ever know one thing about me, it should be that.  I AM an Olympic Junkie.  I love them!  I watch everything I can.  All hours of the day and night.  I cry when they finally get here.  I cry during them.  I cry when they are over.

My husband surprised us in 1996 with tickets to the Olympics in Atlanta.  It was an awesome time, even though we didn't even spend the night.  We flew in, went to our events, hung out in Olympic Park and flew home.  

Amanda was 6 when we went.  It was amazing to be there.

Next came 2002 and we went to Salt Lake City for Amanda's 12 birthday and the winter Olympics.  Again, Amanda and I knew nothing about this.  That man does love his surprises!  We stayed a bit this time, couple of days.  We went to our events and hung out in Olympic Park.  A blast!!  

Keith and Amanda with an Olympic bobsled and the Olympic Flame.  We have seen many Olympic Flames during our travels, but seeing it lit and in person is beyond compare.

This came about during the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  Had to be done!!  I am thinking Olympic Torch for the top of the other foot, but this one hurt so bad, I am just not sure!  :-)

My krafty life has a life of it's own lately.  I have been doing Farmer's Markets and not doing them well, I might add.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them and I have my table paid for, but the last 2 weeks at the Wednesday Market, I sold $5.00 in kards.  Sheesh.  Tomorrow is the day for my Thursday Market, so fingers crossed!
I would begin to get a complex if I didn't sell so many kards away from the Farmer's Markets.    I have gotten 4 requests for invitations and announcements, three events that I have not done invites for!  I did invitations for a Bridal Shower and for a third birthday Ballet party.  I am doing announcements for a baby girl and invitations for a 25th anniversary party.  Fun stuff!   (here is where I shamelessly plug  a few of my favorite things....   I found the best digital stamps to use on the Shower invites from Bugaboo Stamps and my Cricut has been rocking for the birthday invites and the baby announcements)!


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