Thursday, October 18, 2012

And yet again.....

I am not meeting my blogging requirements!  Of course these requirements are all in my head and, theoretically, I should just blog when I have time.  But that never seems to happen because I never seem to have time....    so I feel bad!

Not a lot bad...  but a tinge of badness swirls about.

I have entered into a new venture the last month or so and it has been keeping me quite busy.  I have, for the last few years, been available to sit for the critters of my friends.  Whether it is just stopping by a few times a day, or actually moving into their home while they are away.  I love it!  I am an animal lover and if I could, would have a house full of dogs and probably cats too!  So I have decided to take this to a bit bigger scale and pass my name around to all of my friends with critters and let them know that The Critter Sitter is open for business.  I have been gone quite a bit in the last 2 months.  I pack up my stuff and off I go!  It has really been fun!   Most of my jobs are close enough to home that I can be there for dinner each night and I can fulfill my duties at the Dance Centre too!  My kards come with me and I am able to set up shop from anywhere!!

This weekend, I am Krafting it up at a craft show in Hoffman Estates.  I am looking forward to spending the day meeting and greeting and hanging out with my daughter, who is going with me.  She has been sick this past week and is looking forward to getting out of the house.

I have a few end of the year Krafties lined up, including one at my house.  That one is my baby because the main focus for this one is Pampered Chef and my friend Kathy Gilmore donating 25% of sales to TLC Camp!  TLC Camp is my heart!  So go to my Pampered Chef website at the bottom of this paragraph and purchase something...  knowing in your heart that you are helping to send a child with cancer to day camp for a week!  It is our (Amanda and I) favorite week of the year!!
(Let me know if this doesn't work for you and I will get it resolved!)!

Much krafting has been going on here.  I have discovered the absolute fun of book corners!  Right now I have made two kinds, Nom, Noms and Sirs.

These are examples of Nom, Noms.....

And these are Sirs.  Sirs are actually my daughter's idea...  then I get to "make it happen"

Sirs and Nom, Noms can come in any color or pattern imaginable!  They are crazy fun!  Watch for this fun little book corners to show up as Dance, complete with tutu, and as a Bride and Groom.  Ideas are also endless!

Keep your eyes pealed to the KBK page at facebook for the latest book corners!!

Well, enjoy your day...  I am back to filling orders!  

Have a krafty day!