Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Krafting

This is the time of year we all love the most and probably dread the most.  For us crafters, it is a time to shine and a time to overextend!  More often than not, I am overwhelmed by the ideas swimming in my head.  And yet, I love that crazy, I don't have time for another thing that goes on during the Christmas season.

This year, with the move, I don't know where anything is.  And the stuff I have found, I can't get to!  But you make do.  We bought a new tree, that will become Amanda's when she moves.  Hopefully next year I will have found mine.  We had a beautiful 10 foot tree, that we used for many years.  But we left it behind because the ceilings in our rental are not even close enough for that bad boy!  I have also found lights, lots of lights that will go outside, if I get a minute.  I found a cute light up Ho Ho Ho for my fireplace and my favorite Santa Claus for there also.  I am good.  Sad that I have all kinds of stocking stuffers and no stockings.  :-)

As for kards, Amanda decided she wanted to send some this year.  So I made 20 "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" kards for her.  The inside contains the pieces you need to build your snowman on the front of the kard.

I love sending Christmas kards.  I sent 98 of these Santa kards.  Love them!

Then I decided to make Mini Kards.  All minis are 3x3 without an envelope.  I had a blast making these.  There is just no end to the possibilities.

Moved on to Starburst Kards...  which just might be my favorite pattern.  I love these.  Great for using up scraps or tearing into full sheets!  They are just fun!

And just a bunch of Christmas Kards that I have done through the years.  Some won't be duplicated... some will be revamped and done again!

Then a whole bunch of gift kard holders!  These were just fun to do and I didn't know when to stop!!

Even Amanda got in on the fun and made these!

 No matter what you chose to do for Christmas, remember to take a breath once in a while.  Put your feet up.  Have a cup of hot chocolate.  And relax.  It only happens once a year, and if you blink, you miss it.

Scrappy Christmas!


Monday, November 17, 2014

It's been a long time coming....

We all know how bad I am at this.  I want to blog.  I really really do.  I sit down to blog.  I really really do.  Then life seems to happen.  Out of the blue.  Whammo.  Life.

So I am going to try again.  At least for today.

I moved.  To Missouri.  Three weeks ago, almost 4 now.  It is a huge adjustment for me.  I have lived in the home Keith designed for 26 happy years.  And we raised our daughter there.  But, Keith and Amanda got jobs in Missouri, so here I am.  Keith was here for 11 months without me.  Amanda was here for 6 months.  I am thrilled that we are all in the same place again!!

But I miss my kraft stuff!  Ha!  I have unpacked roughly 40 boxes of kraft stuff so far!  And it is all stuff that I use, but not the stuff I need!!  I have some paper, but not my PAPER!  I have some die cuts, but not my DIE - CUTS!  I have some stuff to color, but not my stuff to COLOR!!

I love to color.  Coloring makes me happy.  Puts me in a happy place.  Calming.  Soothing.  So, imagine how happy I was a few days ago...  when I found my Copics!!  I found my Copics, my refills, my glitter pens, my colored pencils...  tons of colorful goodness!!

I do admit, I am not anywhere near as talented as the people I see online coloring.  I would love to be that talented, but I am not.  However, I am very very happy with my coloring, so maybe that is why I don't take the classes!  Well, that and I live in Missouri now and don't know where anything is yet!  I do know how to get to the Hobby Lobby now!  FINALLY!!!

Here are various kards that I have colored on.  Any of the digital stamps are Bugaboo.  I adore her work!  I love her digitals!  The other stamps are a variety.  I love Lawn Fawn!  Stamps by Judith. Peachy Keen.  Stampin' Up! And Hobby Lobby bought stamps!

 In the spirit of trying to blog more...  I am hoping that next time...  we will be back to my posting directions to a kard and you trying the kard!  Next up....  Pop Up Kards!  Here is an example!!

Happy Krafting!!