Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bloggin', bloggin', bloggin'!

I have been a very bad blogger!   It was what I was afraid of.  My life just gets in the way!

I have moved into my bestie's house to take care of her dog, Presley!  I have been there since the 23rd and will be there until the first.  I can honestly tell you that I am getting a ton of kards finished!  I have finished 28 so far.  Here are a couple...

There are many more that can be found on my face book page.

Anyway.....   Life Interuptus!!

I have been doing the Aurora West Farmer's Market each Wednesday and have been having a blast with Pampered Chef Queen, Kathy Gilmore!  I sell much less than she does, but laugh just as hard, so it is so much fun!  I paid for my table after 2 weeks of being there, so no matter what, I have made money.  I have also taken a ton of orders, so that keeps me busy as well!
I also do the Bolingbrook Farmer's Market once a month.  That one seems to have a larger crowd, but in all honesty, it has many more vendors and sellers in a much bigger space.  I enjoy that one also, but my friends are not near me, so I don't laugh as much.  I do get more krafting done at that one though.
I have 3 more in Aurora and 2 more in Bolingbrook.  Well, I fibbed.  I won't be at the 9/5 day in Aurora.  :-)

I have also done a craft show in Bolingbrook for their Jubilee.  I sold one stinkin' kard!  But I spent the day with my daughter, Mom and a friend of mine who was selling also.  This kard is similar to the kard I sold.  Love this little guy.  The inside left of the kard says...   "Sorry to hear you're DRAGON."

I have also signed up for a few different shows.  I will be at the John Deere weekend in Wisconsin for their show.  That is the weekend of September 14th.  I will be in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the Moose Lodge craft show on October 8th.  And I will be at my Church's craft show in December.  Keeping busy!  I have a few outstanding orders right now, but I have finished about 5 orders and have them all delivered.  Couple more will be delivered this week and next week!

I have a handful of kards on to try and sell.  If you have not heard of Storenvy, give it a look.  It is similar to Etsy, but much more friendly to us crafters because it is free!!  Yay for free!!  I have taken all of my kards off of Etsy, because I don't sell enough to cover the fees.  And yes, I have yet to sell anything on Storenvy, but it is free, so it is okay!  :-)   I have many new friends that are on Storenvy!  They should all comment on here and leave their pages so that my friends can go look at their awesome stuff!

I am the proud owner of a Mon-Stor - thank you so much Cody!  His name is Snippy and he hangs on my handy, dandy kraft room door, holding all of my ribbons!  Snippy rocks!

Well, there you have it!  I came home for Sunday dinner, wrote out bills and blogged!  It might not be much, but it is my life and I do so enjoy it!

Here is a cutie kard to, hopefully, make you smile.  I love this little guy!

Happy Krafting!  Enjoy!!


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy! I love that Dragon Kard, too cute!

    1. Thanks, Cody. He is one of my favorites too!