Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's been a while....

.....since I have last blogged.  Not sure where the time went! 

I am still working on orders, seems that I do that a lot.   A good thing though, right?  Yes!
Summer is filled with all kinds of busy stuff!  Of course, the very very very best part of summer is TLC Camp!  It is the best week of the year!

Amanda and Thalia.  They have been friends since they met at TLC Camp in 2008!  Friends forever!

Also during the summer are Farmer's Markets.  I do two of them and totally enjoy the day out!  I am in Aurora on Wednesdays...  sadly, it is not as great this year as it was last year, but I am doing well enough!  Thursdays, I am in Bolingbrook at the Promenade.  I share a tent with Soap Creek Design and we always have such a fun time!  Look for the tent of laughing crazies!

We have also started fostering kittens.  My daughter, Amanda, works at a shelter and is the emergency foster.  So we get tiny kittens.  Our first kitten was Juliette.  But she had a name change at our home.  She became Merida.  She was afraid of everything and after working with her for 2 days, she got her Brave on and became Merida.


Merida was with us for just a few days and then she was paired up with another tiny kitten and went to another foster home.  

After Merida, we got Liam and Lexi.  They were 3 weeks when we got them and we still have Lexi!  Liam reached his goal weight of 2.2 lbs after 7 weeks with us and was adopted in just 10 days!  I miss him!  Lexi is a tiny girl.  She is now 12.5 weeks and still under 2 lbs.  That is okay with us, we are not sure if we are giving Lexi back!  Shhhhhh, don't tell Keith.


Lexi at 11 weeks.  Sleeping in my Copic marker tote.

Riley and Liam at about 4 or 5 weeks.

Liam, right before he went back to the ACL for his surgery and NEW HOME!

The day Liam went in, we brought home Pong.  She was 6 weeks old when we got her and went back to the ACL today for her surgery.  She will be up for adoption tomorrow!  And will go right away, I believe...  she is the purrrrfect kitten!  Sweet and sassy!  

Buddha belly, Pong

Helping me kraft!  They all love to kraft with MeeMaw!!

On to the business of kard making....  I could go on about kittens forever!

I thought that I would show you the tutorial for the Side Step Kard this blog!  It is a cool little kard and one I really enjoy doing!

Here is the tutorial!


Go...  give it a try!  It really isn't too difficult to do!

Here are some that I have done.

Now it is your turn.  Go.  Make kards.  Have fun!!