Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pop Up Kard

It has been a crazy time around here.  I have been working on orders, which is great, some of them on the fly!

I have done 50th Anniversary invites for my Uncle and Aunt, many baby kards, birthday kards, and a bunch of Disney kards.  Book korners are going like hot cakes!  As fast as I make them, they are gone! I have been donating a lot of them also, to different charities that are using them for goodie bags!  Harley helping hands and the MS Walk are the most recent.

Speaking of MS walk, I am walking this year.  I have to dear friends who have this horrible disease and just feel like I need to do something.  I am trying to raise as much money as I can.  Here is the link, if you feel the need to help!  Any amount, small or large, is so very appreciated and needed!!  MS Sucks!

I discovered, with a little help from my CM friends, a new Pop Up kard that I just love.  I have made a few of these, mostly for birthdays, but I have done a couple for other occasions too.  Here is the link for you to watch and try.  It really is easier than it looks.  Takes some time to decorate, but cutting the kard out is not difficult.  Like most of them, the folding in several directions at the same time seem to be the toughest.

Here are a couple that I have done!!

Now it is your turn!  Watch, try, have fun!!

Happy Day!